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Chairman message

The Faculty of Health Sciences is one of Islamic university of Gaza Faculties. This Faculty is indeed committed to advance scientific research and sharing of knowledge. We are proud to announce the launching of the First International Conference of Health Sciences (ICHS-I) which will be held at Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) 0n 6-7 October, 2018. So we cordially invite and welcome international, regional and local researchers to enrich the scientific community and contribute to scientific knowledge. The ICHS-I will provide an opportunity to gather scientists and researchers from different communities to present their research and exchange knowledge and to address/discuss variant topics of health sciences. The researchers and scientists will add an excellent value to the understanding of the health problems, knowledge and an opportunity to discuss the topics of mutual concern.

Therefore, it is a great honor to ICHS-I to receive abstracts for oral/poster presentations to be presented at ICHS-I.

On behalf of the ICHS-I committees, we are looking forward to seeing you in Gaza, Palestine.



Prof. Dr. Adnan Ibrahim Al-Hindi

ICHS-I Chairman

Dean, Faculty of Health sciences